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Established in 1996, our focus is on various security options - from wall spikes, razor wire, electric fencing, razor ribbon, bird spikes, burglar bars, gates, gate automation and palisade fencing etc. to the raising of vibracrete walls.

We offer free quotations and advice. All work is carried out promptly under supervision, with reliable and experienced teams. We also supply for DIY and wholesale. Our clientele portfolio includes developments, commercial, industrial and residential properties.

We also service a number of Property Managing Agents, both in the Southern and Northern Suburbs.


Registered with the Department of Labour, Spike and Raise has an Occupational Health and Safety certificate (CCUPATIONAL HEALTH AND SAFETY ACT (ACT 85 of 1993), which registers us as Electric Fence System Installer in terms of Regulation 14 of the Electrical Machinery Regulations, 2011, which was promulgated under the above-mentioned Act.

Registration number : EFSI 00055

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