Spike and Raise
Razorwire, Barbed Wire in Cape Town



Spike & Raise are one of the leading installers of razorwire products. Spike & Raise has installed hundreds of kilometers of concertina and flatwrap razorwire in and around Cape Town.

Spike & Raise has installed razorwire in various ways over the years even underground to prevent criminals from digging a hole under an existing fence in order to intrude or escape.

Razorwire comes in various sizes:
Flatwrap razorwire – 500mm, 700mm & 900mm
Consertina razorwire has a tunnel effect and is manufactured in – 450mm, 730mm & 980mm diameter
Razor ripper - 500mm & 700mm width.

Razorwire can be installed using various different methods. Razorwire can be tied directly to an existing fence, half protruding above the fence and the other half against the fence. Razorwire can also be installed by means of erecting a bracket every 3m with two or three lines of horizontal strands or barbed wire depending on the size of razorwire you would like installed. Razorwire has to be installed in accordance to council laws, as height and public moving space has to be taken into consideration.

Consertina razorwire is mainly installed in industrial areas, prisons and other high risk areas such as borders, police stations etc. Razorewire can also be installed on roads and in ceilings to prevent criminals from breaking into your home/office through the roof.

We also install razor ripper razorwire that is more suited in industrial areas.

Barbed wire/razorwire is a more modern security fencing option, manufactured with razor sharp blades and high tensile wire which makes it extremely difficult to cut, even with plyers.

Razorwire/barbed wire or whatever you may know it as is undeniably one of the most effective products on the market, to keep intruders out of your property.