Spike and Raise
Bird Spikes in Cape Town


Birds Spikes

Spike & Raise has installed hundreds of meters of bird spikes also known as pigeon spikes throughout Cape Town and surrounding areas, making us one of the leading installers.

Plastic bird spikes are made from a durable plastic known as poly carbonate which is non-corrosive, therefore withstanding various weather conditions without rusting or wearing overtime. It is an environmental friendly long term solution to deter unwanted pigeons or animals.

Bird deterrent spikes are animal friendly, causing no harm to birds or any other small animals who come in contact with it as it has blunt tips to prevent injuries. The purpose is to deter rather than cause harm

Bird spikes or pigeon spikes as some may know it, prevent bird nests and feathers from clogging rain gutters, which lead to roof leaks & prevent birds from soiling, defacing & damaging various surfaces such as walls & roofs.

Bird droppings carry diseases and can render surfaces unsanitary which can cause illness amongst adults and children. Plastic bird spikes can prevent the spread of these diseases when installed.

A strip of bird spike has a flexible base which allows it to conform to both flat or arched areas, and is approximately 100mm in length. Bird deterrent spikes can virtually be mounted onto any surface by means of a fastener or a type of adhesive such as no nails.