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Electric Fencing in Cape Town


Electric Fencing

When it comes to security fences/electric fences, Spike & Raise is one of the leading security companies when it comes to installing electric fences in & around Cape Town. Spike & Raise has installed hundreds of electric fences throughout Cape Town and surrounding areas such as Paarl, Hermanus, Wocester to name a few.

Electric fencing is considered one of the most effective security measures on the market. An electric fence consists of high voltage live wires and earth wires with very low ampage. Earthing plays a vital role in electric fencing and we therefore use the highest quality SABS specified earth spikes that are driven 1.3m into the ground.

If any physical contact is made with an electric fence wire or the wires are cut, an armed alarm will sound within 3 seconds. Your electric fence security system can also be connected to your armed response service provider via your house alarm.

Advantages of an electric fence

  • Electric fences are non-lethal;
  • Electric fencing use very little electricity
  • The energizer has a 10 – 12 hour back up battery in case of a power outage
  • A loud waring siren/alarm will sound when the fence has been tampered with
  • A standard electric fence pushes out between 8000-9000 volts if installed correctly
  • It visually increases perimeter height
  • Not only is an electric fence a physical barrier due to its high voltage shock, it is also a psychological one too

Electric fence wire is made from stainless wire which prevents it from rusting. Electric fencing brackets can be custom designed to meet your needs. Electric fence brackets are galvanized to prevent rust and can be powder coated to match the colour of your walls or fence.

Spike & Raise are approved electric fence installers of Staffix and Nemtek products. Both companies are leading suppliers of electric fencing materials in South Africa.

Spike & Raise are COC compliant according to the new occupational health & safety act (Act 85 of 1993.) Our registration number EFSI 00055 was issued by the labour department of South Africa after myself as the owner, successfully completed the necessary courses and exams.

As of the 1st of December 2012, all electric fencing installers have to be compliant with SANS – 2 – 76. This new act requires that once an electric fence has been correctly installed, the client must be issued with a COC compliant certificate. This ensures that the electric fence has been installed correctly and is regarded as a “safe” (cannot cause death to a human) fence.

Spike & Raise installs and services various types of electric fence energises for example JVA, Druid, Hammer and Wizard. Energizers are available in various outputs depending on the length of your fence. Energizers should be kept out of reach of children and free from dust and water.

It is advisable to contact us every two to three months to service your fence. Spike & Raise strives to repair your damaged fence within 48 hours to ensure you have peace of mind. Spike & Raise offers our clients a two year guarantee on all materials used excluding the battery.

Spike & Raise, provide our clients with the highest quality security products and pride ourselves in our experienced and qualified team who always deliver excellent service and workmanship to our clients and their properties.